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Cannabis Therapeutics

Innovative New Products for Cannabis Extraction and Particle Analysis from FRITSCH

We caught up with Melissa Fauth, President and CEO, and Jeff Scott, Business Development Manager, to learn more about the exciting new PULVERISETTE 11 Knife Mill and ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT Particle Analyzer instruments.

Cannabis Laboratory Product Trends in the New Year

We take a moment and examine a few new product trends that will help the industry gain stronger footholds in the new year and beyond.

Hot Spots in the World of Medicinal Cannabis Development

Solubility, stability, dose release, and bioavailability -- progress in these areas is essential for the effectiveness of cannabis formulations, and the future of cannabis drug development moving forward.

Opportunities in the Evolving World of Cannabis-Based Pharmaceuticals

The science behind the evolving world of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals will ultimately pave the way towards better, more effective treatments for a wide range of human conditions and disease.

The Future of Medicinal Cannabis: Where Do We Grow from Here?

Although barriers to research and roadblocks persist, important developments have opened the cannabis industry to new and exciting medical opportunities.

Hemp versus Marijuana: CBD vs THC

Considering the important distinctions between CBD and THC and their origin, it is only fitting to detail the difference between these cannabis types.

Cannabidiol versus Tetrahydrocannabinol: CBD vs THC

With hemp now legal in the US, it is worth reviewing the differences between CBD and THC -- which range far beyond chemical and pharmacological.

Emerging Support for Cannabis as an Effective Alternative to Opioids in Pain Treatment

A growing number of studies have reported that cannabis use can diminish the negative and addictive effects of opioid use without sacrificing pain relief.

Recent Results Indicate that Cannabis Reverses Aging Processes in the Brain

The study has interesting and exciting implications for the potential of cannabis-based neurodegenerative disease applications.

Biosynthesis and Medicinal Value of Key Cannabinoids

Stratifying the therapeutic value of cannabis compounds will continue to rely upon improvements in cannabis processing and testing methods and equipment.

The Promise of Plant-based Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Further evidence to support plant-based cannabis therapeutics as both effective and safe may have positive effects on the medical marijuana field as a whole.

Cannabis Science and Proposed Therapeutic Value

As the industry grows and continues to mature, superior analytical methods and clinical standardization will undoubtedly be very closely linked.

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