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cell biology

Forging the Path of the Imaging Resolution Revolution

As imaging technologies continue to forge ahead, a few areas in particular promise to make for an interesting year and offer extraordinary vision for what is to come.

New Technologies Enhance the Speed and Accuracy of Flow Cytometry Workflows

Multiplexed detection, automated workflows, and advanced focusing technologies – enabling breakthrough applications in the fields of immunology, oncology, cell therapy, and beyond.

LabX Industry Insights: Lab-on-a-Chip Applications for High-quality Precision Syringe Pumps

Modern systems require precision fluid flow, fluid exchange, and custom functionalities – demanding features only high-quality syringe pumps can deliver.

LabX Industry Insights: Microfluidics and the Essential Role of High Performance Syringe Pumps

High quality syringe pump instruments must deliver accurate fluid volumes, precision flow rates, and optimal functionality in microfluidic applications.

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