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Multi-platform Next Generation Sequencing for Cancer Diagnostics: Research Outlook

Harnessing the power of next generation sequencing technologies, in combined approaches, can improve the speed, accuracy, and quality of diagnostic results.

The 2018 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Expo: Highlights and New Products

Here we offer a snapshot of the range and depth of technologies on display at this year's conference. We also take a moment to highlight an innovative product designed to address a common pain point in clinical medicine.

Advances in Clinical Mass Spectrometry: Proteomics and Phenomics

Beyond instrument horsepower, enabling solutions are needed more than ever to ensure quality and efficiency of upstream workflows. Here are recent examples.

Advances in Cannabis Extraction Methods and Equipment

Advances in efficiency, precision, reliability, and scalability are critical to meet increasingly stringent guidelines and overall growth of the industry.

Emerging Mass Spectrometry Technologies for Clinical Applications

Several important developments in 2017 offer promise for significant advancement in the area of clinical mass spectrometry.

MALDI Imaging Reaches a Milestone

MALDI technology has reached the 30th anniversary milestone, and 2017 brought several new products to the areas of MALDI imaging and data solutions.

A Coming of Age for Clinical LC-MS Mass Spectrometry

2017 has seen the launch of several breakthrough clinical LC-MS technologies, driving new areas of clinical exploration and anticipation for what's to come.

New Technologies in Metabolomics Research

The latest innovations maximize accuracy, resolution, and throughput without sacrificing depth, to handle complex and demanding metabolomics applications.

Supporting Science in Developing Countries

The Seeding Labs program has recently partnered with to provide a channel for labs to donate equipment to developing countries in the spirit of corporate philanthropy.

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