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Conference Highlights

The Effects of Cannabis on Brain Development: Research Outlook

The 2018 Society for Neuroscience conference showcased important results based upon research on the effects of cannabis on brain development. With cannabis legalization preceding at an ever-increasing clip, it is more imperative than ever to explore the impact of cannabis on prenatal development, adolescent cognitive performance, and other critical areas.

Advancements in Brain Imaging Technologies Showcased at the Society for Neuroscience Conference

The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is a humbling experience. The electrifying hum of high-minded neuro-speak echoes among the attendees – over 30,000 strong. A resounding topic of discussion this year included new imaging technologies and the insight these may provide into complex brain processes.

The 2018 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Expo: Highlights and New Products

Here we offer a snapshot of the range and depth of technologies on display at this year's conference. We also take a moment to highlight an innovative product designed to address a common pain point in clinical medicine.

LabX Highlights of the 2018 Cannabis Science Conference

The 3rd annual Cannabis Science Conference, held at the Portland Convention Center August 28-29, delivered an impressive crop of new products and services. Combined with exciting research and inspiring presentations, the meeting this year was a truly epic event.

New Products at SLAS Europe 2018 Promote Current Trends in Innovation

Products showcased at SLAS Europe 2018 represent a range of advanced technologies that are accelerating laboratory performance.

LabX Preview of the 2018 Cannabis Science Conference

Taking a moment to explore the range of vendors set to exhibit, it is clear that the field of cannabis science is enjoying rich and abundant growth.

New Technologies and Emerging Lab Essentials Showcased at Pittcon 2018

These technologies represent emerging innovation trends -- those destined to help shape the efficiency, productivity, and reproducibility of lab operations.

ASMS 2018: The Evolution of the Industry and the Reality of Next Generation Proteomics

The evolving state of the industry and the reality of next generation proteomics - two themes evident at ASMS 2018 that may well change the MS world.

State-of-the-art in Lab Automation and Liquid Handling

On full display at the SLAS conference this year were emerging technologies and solutions aimed at accelerating discovery and streamlining lab operations.

Progress in 3-D Imaging Microscopy and Brain Mapping

High-resolution mapping of neurons and neuronal connectivity in the brain has required innovative multi-beam electron microscopy approaches.

LabX Highlights of the 2017 Society for Neuroscience Conference

The myriad of new technologies and enabling solutions on display are driving research and offering promise for the ever-quickening pace of discovery.

Innovations in Cell Imaging and Multi-mode Detection Devices

The Cytation line of instruments from Biotek are prime examples of innovation and efficiency in multi-mode detection.

Syringe Pumps and Perfusion Systems for Neuroscience Research Applications

Syringe Pumps and Perfusion Systems for Neuroscience Research.

LabX Highlights of the 2017 Cannabis Science Conference

The diversity of products, services, and technologies made the 2017 Cannabis Science Conference both informative and promising for the state of the industry

Bruker`s New Software and Informatics Solutions to Empower Metabolomics, Proteoform Profiling, and Toxicology

Bruker showcased a number of analytical solutions this year at ASMS as they celebrate 25 years of MALDI technology innovation.

The New Shimadzu MALDI-8020 Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer Merges Size Efficiency with Instrument Performance

Shimadzu has embraced the growing trend in size conscious MS instrumentation with the release of the MALDI-8020 benchtop MALDI-TOF at ASMS 2017.

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