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Emerging Product Solutions for a New Cannabis Landscape

The post COVID-19 landscape will incorporate new tools designed to address challenges in both the lab and the field -- technologies that may be essential as we move to higher standards of safety, efficiency, and automation.

The Latest Cannabis Extraction Equipment and Technologies

The selection of extraction process depends on the intended targets, the resources available, budget, expertise, and the expanding needs of the operation. Here is a snapshot of the growing range of new extraction technologies available.

Pulverisette 11 Industrial-Grade Knife Mill from FRITSCH

FRITSCH is an internationally respected manufacture of application-oriented laboratory instruments. Our instruments are used worldwide for Sample Preparation and Particle Sizing in industry and research. Quality made in Germany. Since 1920.

Future Trends in the Cannabis Industry: Interactive Infographic Timeline

The Future Trends in the Cannabis Industry Interactive Infographic is a living resource keeping pace with the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. This post serves as a chronology of the infographic, citing ongoing developments in the areas of: Advancements in Instrumentation, Advancements in Research, Testing Standardization, Genomics and Chemotypes, and Quality Control Improvements.

Mass Spectrometry Pesticides Detection in Modern Food Safety and Testing

Modern food safety and testing employs state-of-the-art mass spec methods and technologies for applications in import screening, domestic profiling, and many other important areas of food science.

The Cannabis Workflow and the Importance of Temperature Control

Creating the right systems to maximize the quality of temperature control plays a vital role in creating the most productive cannabis extraction workflow.

CBD Potency Testing of Hemp-Derived Products

As part of a series looking at safety and quality testing of cannabis products, this article focuses on analysis of hemp and methods for CBD/THC potency determination.

The Rotovap: Fundamentals and Trends in Rotary Evaporator Technologies

Here we take a moment to cover the parts and operation of rotary evaporation systems – following up with a brief discussion of trends and new products.

Advances in Cannabis Extraction Methods and Equipment

Advances in efficiency, precision, reliability, and scalability are critical to meet increasingly stringent guidelines and overall growth of the industry.

Downstream Processing and Refinement of Cannabis Concentrates

The various methods of cannabis extraction can produce a diverse range of cannabis concentrates. Here we briefly discuss downstream fractionation methods.

The Best Cannabis Extraction Methods for Marijuana Concentrates

We detail various extraction techniques for the production of cannabis concentrates, offering insight regarding benefits and associated costs.

Evolving Extraction Methods for the Growing Cannabis Industry

The type of product dictates not only the plant strain and enrichment for specific components, but the extraction method to isolate those compounds.

Cannabis plant material preparation for efficient extraction operations with Fritsch Pulverisette 19

The Fritsch Pulverisette 19 quickly comminutes large volumes of cannabis plant material for precise and efficient extraction.

Cutting Mills for Cannabis Processing

The ability to effectively mill cannabis, whether it be the stalks, stems, leaves, or flowers, depends on the performance and versatility of the device.

Pesticide Analysis in Cannabis using QuEChERS Extraction

It is imperative that analytical labs achieve the sensitivity and reliability needed to maintain high quality cannabis production and food safety. QuEChERS extraction for cannabis pesticides analysis is reviewed in this article.

Grinders and Mills for Cannabis Preparation and Extraction

The latest technologies provide compatibility with various subsequent extraction kits, making them a key fit for analytical labs, large and small.

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