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Terpenes Testing and Challenges of Standardization in the Cannabis Industry

Terpenes testing presents difficulties across the industry, largely due to the nature of the compounds and the diversity of instrumentation and methods employed by testing laboratories. This issue highlights the need for better defined standardized methodologies and higher levels of collaboration throughout the testing community.

Cannabis Pesticides Testing and Quantification Using Reference Standards: How Does it Work?

Access to high-quality analytical materials and resources can ensure testing laboratories operate at the highest levels of accuracy and precision -- supporting transparent, clean, and safe cannabis products.

CBD Potency Testing of Hemp-Derived Products

As part of a series looking at safety and quality testing of cannabis products, this article focuses on analysis of hemp and methods for CBD/THC potency determination.

LabX Reasons to Upgrade Infographic: The Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030

Compare the new Shimadzu GC Nexis 2030 to the Shimadzu 2010 Plus and see all the latest features and enhancements.

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