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The GELDOC GO Gel Imaging System from BIO-RAD

An advanced benchtop imaging solution for both nucleic acid and protein gels, in a compact and evolved package.

The Era of Next-Generation Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Non-targeted, unlabeled, high-resolution spatial mapping – benchmarks of the new era of next-generation mass spectrometry imaging technologies.

Adding Depth to Your Research: A Look at 3D Cell Culture

In recent years, huge steps have been made to standardize and manufacture equipment for 3D cell culture—making it cheaper, simpler and more reproducible.

The Latest Microplate Technologies: Expanding Laboratory Function and Extending Scientific Reach

New microplate products are bringing techniques such as confocal microscopy out of imaging and screening facilities and into the realm of basic research labs and their applications.

Forging the Path of the Imaging Resolution Revolution

As imaging technologies continue to forge ahead, a few areas in particular promise to make for an interesting year and offer extraordinary vision for what is to come.

3 Mass Spectrometry Trends to Drive Omics Data Enhancement through Hybrid Technologies

These trends may enable more complete biomarker panel validation, greater coverage in complex metabolomics areas such as lipidomics, and ultra high-resolution imaging of complex tissues such as brain.

Advancements in Brain Imaging Technologies Showcased at the Society for Neuroscience Conference

The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is a humbling experience. The electrifying hum of high-minded neuro-speak echoes among the attendees – over 30,000 strong. A resounding topic of discussion this year included new imaging technologies and the insight these may provide into complex brain processes.

Immunoreagents and Emerging Applications in High-Resolution Imaging and Microscopy

In addition to the proliferation of microplate imaging technologies, antibodies and immunoreagents have become invaluable in many advanced cell biological and physiological research areas -- such as high-resolution imaging and super-resolution microscopy.

Automated Cell Counters: Advanced Products and Technologies

Modern technologies strive to remove variability in staining, sample transfer, and the influence of the user. Here we detail a few advanced systems.

Emerging Mass Spectrometry Imaging Technologies

The pace of mass spec imaging technology innovation indicates a greater number of products and solutions will reach mainstream use in 2018 and beyond.

MALDI Imaging Reaches a Milestone

MALDI technology has reached the 30th anniversary milestone, and 2017 brought several new products to the areas of MALDI imaging and data solutions.

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