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Things You May Not Have Known About Antibodies and Their Applications

Antibodies are the versatile workhorse of biomedical and life sciences research, and there’s more to that than you’d expect. As biopharmaceuticals, immunotherapy, disease prevention, and a potential solution to missing teeth, antibodies may surprise you with all they can be used for.

What is an Antibody Serology Test - How Does it Work - and Why is it Important?

Detecting invasion by the SARS-COV-2 virus (the causative agent of COVID-19) is the crucial first step in identifying pathogen exposure. Measuring the human immune response is the vital next stage to quantify true infection rates and to decipher the development of immunity.

Three Current Trends in Automated Liquid Handling for Clinical Applications

A look at exhibitors from this year’s AACC meeting provides the ideal perspective for discussing trends and emerging solutions for clinical challenges -- Multiplexing, Microfluidics, and Sustainability.

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