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microplate readers

Antibody, Immunoassay, and Microplate Technologies for COVID-19 Testing Applications

The advent of new microplate technologies and advanced testing solutions will continue to fortify the fight against COVID-19, from the research lab to the clinic.

The Latest Microplate Technologies: Expanding Laboratory Function and Extending Scientific Reach

Functionality, scope, scale, and throughput -- four concepts to help steer the conversation over which microplate technologies are available - and the right fit - for maximum laboratory performance.

Cell Imaging and Screening Applications Enabled by Advanced Microplate Technologies

In this article, we explore novel applications and new products enabling breakthrough research in microscopy, stem cell biology, high-content/high-throughput screening, and other areas.

Innovations in Cell Imaging and Multi-mode Detection Devices

The Cytation line of instruments from Biotek are prime examples of innovation and efficiency in multi-mode detection.

Microplate Technologies for the Modern Laboratory

Technology innovation has been both the driver for decreased sample size as well as increased experimental complexity and scale in microplate technologies.

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