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The OXYGENIE™ Low Oxygen Culture System from THE BAKER COMPANY

OxyGenie ™ delivers researchers a small, portable and continuous physoxic (hypoxic) environment, ideal for short term physiological oxygen and temperature studies.

Ultra-High Resolution Imaging: The new Benchmark in Molecular Microscopy

The world of microscopy has a rich and vivid history -- two very recent breakthroughs shine even greater light on an already brilliant field of view.

The NANOJECT III Programmable Nanoliter Injector from DRUMMOND: Product Review Infographic

The Drummond Programmable Nanoject III Nanoliter Injector offers a number of state-of-the-art features to provide easy setup and operation as well as more accurate injection volumes down to 0.6 nanoliters.

Single Channel Versus Multi-Channel Electrophysiology: How Does it Work?

Multi-channel electrophysiological recordings are the sum total measurements of electrical activity across a cell membrane. Single-channel recordings are the discrete measurements of individual channel activity. We summarize the details of the techniques and their use in neuroscience applications.

The Effects of Cannabis on Brain Development: Research Outlook

The 2018 Society for Neuroscience conference showcased important results based upon research on the effects of cannabis on brain development. With cannabis legalization preceding at an ever-increasing clip, it is more imperative than ever to explore the impact of cannabis on prenatal development, adolescent cognitive performance, and other critical areas.

The TCAT-2 Animal Temperature Controllers from Physitemp: Product Review Infographic

The TCAT-2 Animal Temperature Controllers deliver precision performance and feedback to ensure the highest level of temperature accuracy

Advancements in Brain Imaging Technologies Showcased at the Society for Neuroscience Conference

The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is a humbling experience. The electrifying hum of high-minded neuro-speak echoes among the attendees – over 30,000 strong. A resounding topic of discussion this year included new imaging technologies and the insight these may provide into complex brain processes.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain: Unprecedented Power and Resolution

The latest MRI systems have now surpassed the 10 Tesla mark -- making clear the power of the technology for cutting-edge brain research and advanced diagnostics.

Cell Imaging and Screening Applications Enabled by Advanced Microplate Technologies

In this article, we explore novel applications and new products enabling breakthrough research in microscopy, stem cell biology, high-content/high-throughput screening, and other areas.

Syringe Infusion Pumps in Brain Microdialysis Procedures and In Vivo Testing

The performance of the syringe infusion pump is vitally important, impacting not only analysis of an experimental system but the potential effects of CNS drugs, neurotransmitter modulators, and other compounds in vivo.

Progress in 3-D Imaging Microscopy and Brain Mapping

High-resolution mapping of neurons and neuronal connectivity in the brain has required innovative multi-beam electron microscopy approaches.

LabX Highlights of the 2017 Society for Neuroscience Conference

The myriad of new technologies and enabling solutions on display are driving research and offering promise for the ever-quickening pace of discovery.

Innovations in Cell Imaging and Multi-mode Detection Devices

The Cytation line of instruments from Biotek are prime examples of innovation and efficiency in multi-mode detection.

Syringe Pumps and Perfusion Systems for Neuroscience Research Applications

Syringe Pumps and Perfusion Systems for Neuroscience Research.

The Implications of Cannabidiol and the Brain

The broad potential therapeutic profile and ongoing clinical trials indicate that many of the true medicinal qualities of CBD will soon come to light.

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