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Thermo Scientific™ CO2 Incubators

Thermo Scientific CO2 incubators offer solutions for every incubation need, from general cell culture research to advanced production.

Mass Spectrometry 2021 New Technology Roundup

We take a moment to review several innovative technologies released this year, designed to address current trends and challenges in biopharma and proteomics.

Introducing the NEW Kjel and Dist Lines of Steam Distillation Solutions from BUCHI

The NEW Kjel and Dist Lines of steam distillation solutions from BUCHI are extremely accurate, ensuring the sustainable use of resources and offering maximal safety during operation.

Polymorph Monitoring with the Rigaku Progeny 1064 nm Handheld Raman Analyzer

The Rigaku Progeny 1064 nm handheld Raman analyzer is a versatile tool and a powerful solution for pharmaceutical polymorphs analysis and other challenging applications.

Thermo Scientific™ Momentum™ Workflow Scheduling Software

Momentum workflow scheduling software is designed to provide a seamless user driven interface and dynamic digital connectivity for all your end to end automation journeys.

Updates on the Frontier of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Cannabis

As the landscape changes and further sources of cannabis become available for research, the medicinal cannabis and pharmaceutical fields stand to benefit in a multitude of ways. Here are a few recent developments.

New Capable and Compact Mass Spectrometry Technologies

From virus detection to bloodborne pathogen screening, mass spec has proven invaluable for a wide variety of applications. Here we look at a few new compact and capable solutions, as well as the concepts these technologies are based upon.

Liquid Chromatography and LC-MS Products to Start the New Year

2021 looks to be a year of significant growth and innovation in the HPLC and LC-MS fields. Here are a few early developments in the new year.

Mass Spec Trends to Watch

Several trends in particular will continue to change the mass spec landscape in 2021 and beyond.

The CUBIS® II Modular Balance Platform from SARTORIUS

A completely configurable, high performance portfolio of both lab weighing hardware and software, meant to align with your unique demands and compliance requirements.

Cold Storage Solutions for the Lab, the Clinic, and the Field

Innovative cold storage products support the biomedical work that is needed both in the current climate and for future applications. - such as storage and distribution of millions of vaccines.

New Liquid Handling Systems: Automating Tasks to Optimize Lab Workflows

By automating tasks and increasing precision, new liquid handling technologies serve to streamline workflows and free up the hands of researchers to focus on the important stuff – the science.

5 Lab Water Myths and How to Avoid Them

Lab water doesn't have to cost a fortune -- if you know what you are paying for...

Hot Spots in the World of Medicinal Cannabis Development

Solubility, stability, dose release, and bioavailability — progress in these areas is essential for the effectiveness of cannabis formulations, and the future of cannabis drug development.

ASMS 2020 Digital Conference Reboot: A LabX Review

The purely digital “reboot” format for the conference this year made for an outstanding experience, rich with interactive, on-demand, and downloadable content -- in addition to some electrifying new product buzz.

Precision Syringe Pump Applications in Biopharmaceutical Drug Development

Programmable precision syringe pumps operate in many stages of biopharmaceutical preclinical development -- from protein analysis to bioprocess applications.

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