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Sartorius Tacta Pipettes: The Sustainable Solution for Today’s Cannabis Labs

The Tacta family of pipettes from Sartorius offer the highest-quality and performance, while attending to the comfort and well-being of the professionals that use them. Tacta pipettes are the perfect solution for performance and sustainability in cannabis lab operations.

New Liquid Handling Technologies and Drivers of Innovation

With several key driving factors in mind, here are four important areas of current laboratory liquid handling innovation - low-volume dispensing, flexibility, miniaturization, and integration - and a snapshot of new technologies currently on the market.

The Ovation® Series Pipettes from VistaLab™ Technologies

Innovative pipetting technology designed with user comfort and health in mind

The Artel PCS Pipetting Quality Management System

A complete in-house solution for ensuring pipette performance, standardized and dependable operator technique, and compliance.

The VistaLab™ Ovation® Series Pipettes: Product Review Infographic

The Ovation was designed with an advanced ergonomics strategy – placing user comfort first – and coupling this with high-performance features and quality.

The Drummond Scientific Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller

Building off the momentum of the long line of Pipet-Aid innovations, ergonomics and performance updates bring new levels of reliance to this trusted brand.

LabX Product Review Infographic: The VistaLab™ ali-Q™ Aliquoting Pipet Controller

The ali-Q is a revolutionary pipetting technology that solves the traditional issues of inaccuracy and comfort by the use of an intelligent measuring system

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