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The NEW! Transferpette® S Pipette from BRAND

A lightweight, yet robust instrument that delivers a high degree of accuracy and precision, the Transferpette ® S now offers newly refined features that make work even easier and more efficient.

GILSON CONNECTED DEVICES: Make Your Lab as Smart as Your Science

TRACKMAN® Connected and PIPETMAN® M Connected are pipetting solutions designed to help drive the future of laboratory research, increasing speed, reproducibility, and traceability of applications in real time.

New Liquid Handling Systems: Automating Tasks to Optimize Lab Workflows

By automating tasks and increasing precision, new liquid handling technologies serve to streamline workflows and free up the hands of researchers to focus on the important stuff – the science.

The Microlab 600: A Liquid Dispensing Innovation

The Microlab 600 is a unique dispensing technology that enables semi-automation of common, high-precision liquid handling and sample preparation tasks in the lab – simply and efficiently.

2020 SLAS Conference: The Latest Innovations in Lab Automation and Screening

Robotics, Single Cell Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence – three themes that shared the spotlight at this year’s Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) annual conference.

Three Current Trends in Automated Liquid Handling for Clinical Applications

A look at exhibitors from this year’s AACC meeting provides the ideal perspective for discussing trends and emerging solutions for clinical challenges -- Multiplexing, Microfluidics, and Sustainability.

The New Eppendorf 16/24 Channel Pipettes and epT.I.P.S 384: Product Review Infographic

Eppendorf's new 16 and 24 channel pipettes and epT.I.P.S. 384 make working with 384-well plates convenient, ergonomic, and safe.

The BRAND Liquid Handling Station from BrandTech Scientific, Inc: Product Review Infographic

The Liquid Handling Station closes the gap between electronic pipettes and highly complex, expensive pipetting robots - handling routine tasks at high speed and precision, quietly and reliably.

New Pipetting and Liquid Handling Technologies: Innovations in Robotics and Process Automation

Performance, versatility, ergonomics were product themes that prevailed over the past year. The next generation of emerging technologies promise to bridge these advancements together with fresh automation and robotic capabilities.

Pipettors: Five factors to consider in your purchasing decision

Pipettors are an absolute must have and accuracy, functionality, and durability are important aspects to consider when purchasing or upgrading.

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