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The Latest Liquid Chromatography Essentials

We take a look at new liquid chromatography columns and consumables designed to enhance data quality while addressing the major pain points of versatility, reproducibility, longevity, and other important concerns.

Lab Water and the Impact on Liquid Chromatography Performance

Poor quality data such as shifting retention times, loss of resolution, or ghost peaks could be an indication of contamination caused by lab water quality.

Antibodies and Immunoreagents: A User Guide to Basics and Applications

Antibodies and immunoreagents are used in a myriad of experimental contexts. Here we offer resources and a discussion on basics and applications.

The NuWind Line of General Purpose Centrifuges from NuAire: Product Review

The NuWind line of centrifuges offer performance unmatched by traditional technologies and are outstanding additions to the NuAire portfolio of products.

Flow Cytometry: Principles, Applications, and New Instrument Technologies

Flow Cytometry is a quintessential method for cell characterization. Here we briefly review principles, applications, and a few new instrument platforms.

UHPLC System Suitability: Which is Right for My Lab Applications?

Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) arose from the desire to increase sensitivity, resolution, and efficiency over traditional HPLC.

HPLC System Suitability: Which is the Right Match for My Lab?

The robustness of the HPLC principle and its applications that have led to significant advancements in technology, instrumentation, and manufacturers. We’ve taken a moment to summarize features popular HPLC systems on the market.

Electrophysiology Equipment that Every Lab Needs

Whether focused on whole-cell, patch clamp, or artificial lipid bilayers, there are a number of required items in outfitting an electrophysiology lab. We take a moment to briefly describe the major techniques and provide links for accessing the necessary equipment.

10 Important Factors in Choosing a Dealer for New or Refurbished Mass Spectrometers

The choice of dealer is of paramount importance in securing not just the best device, but the best service, support, and other solutions as well.

Key Factors and New Technologies to Consider when Purchasing a Cell Culture Incubator

Core aspects including temperature, gas, and sterilization are being addressed by new technologies and innovative solutions.

Microscope Parts: Popular Components, Add-ons, and Replacement Parts for Brightfield and Fluorescence Microscopes

The variety and functional significance of components, add-ons, and parts available for various microscopy platforms are briefly reviewed in this post.

Brightfield Light Microscopy: Technical Insights and Applications

Here we discuss technical details and applications of light microscopy, an essential technique used by many educational, diagnostic, and industrial research labs.

Laboratory Vacuum Pumps: Essential in everything from evaporation systems to high complexity analytical equipment

Vacuum pumps are important components in lab equipment ranging from evaporation systems to mass spectrometers. Technical aspects are discussed in this post.

Mass Spectrometry Roundup: Ion Sources – Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI)

MALDI is a powerful approach for analyzing difficult and large biomolecules. Discussed here is the MALDI ionization process and it's applications, strengths, and limitations.

Mass Spectrometry Roundup: Ion Sources – Electrospray Ionization (ESI)

This summary on electrospray ionization (ESI) offers technical information to identify ion sources best suited for biological, clinical, or other applications.

Vortex Mixers: Essential devices for clinical, research, and analytical lab sample processing

Vortex mixers are a fixture in many labs. Practical considerations regarding features, purchasing decisions, and specific products are detailed in this article.

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