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The GELDOC GO Gel Imaging System from BIO-RAD

An advanced benchtop imaging solution for both nucleic acid and protein gels, in a compact and evolved package.

Progress Along the Frontier of Next-Generation Proteomics

As the concept matures, next-generation proteomics promises to usher in a new layer of insight to complement NGS in the realization of true precision medicine. Advanced technologies showcased at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual meeting offer progress towards this goal.

ASMS Review 2019: Big Fish Emerge in the Sea of Mass Spectrometry

The 2019 American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual conference was held in Atlanta Georgia Jun 3-7. Here are a few of the many impressive technologies that surfaced.

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: Another Separations Layer for Complex Applications

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry offers a unique layer of separations power and adds yet another dimension for complex, high-throughput applications.

New Mass Spectrometry Technologies: A Greater Vantage Point for Research

This year, many interesting developments entered the mass spectrometry field and, as the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a closer look at a few examples and note their impact in helping research attain an even greater vantage point than before.

ASMS 2018: The Evolution of the Industry and the Reality of Next Generation Proteomics

The evolving state of the industry and the reality of next generation proteomics - two themes evident at ASMS 2018 that may well change the MS world.

2018 Mass Spectrometry Emerging Technology Outlook

With the new year comes the promise of greater MS performance, more powerful analysis solutions, and a broader scope of interrogation than previously seen.

Glycosylation: The Sweeter Side of Proteomics

Despite sample heterogeneity and complex enrichment methods, advanced MS solutions will drive the field of glycosylation into new and interesting territory.

MS-based Approaches for Ubiquitin Characterization

Modern MS-based techniques aim to provide enhanced insights into the quantitative and qualitative features of ubiquitin and its multiple substrate pathways.

Protein Phosphorylation and Total MS Workflow Solutions

Total MS workflow solutions have expanded the range of phosphoprotein analyses and the scope of proteomic investigations that can be explored.

The Journey from Biomarker Discovery to Validation to Clinical Implementation

With a focus on mass spec methods and solutions, we explore the journey from biomarker discovery, to verification and validation, to clinical implementation.

Quantitative Proteomics: The Difference a Generation Makes

The latest advances in quantitative mass spectrometry and proteomics have expanded the footprint of research, as we discuss in the midst of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual conference.

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