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Emerging Product Solutions for a New Cannabis Landscape

The post COVID-19 landscape will incorporate new tools designed to address challenges in both the lab and the field -- technologies that may be essential as we move to higher standards of safety, efficiency, and automation.

2020 Pittcon: Showcase of Innovations in Research and Instrumentation

As a vital resource, this annual event focuses on the latest in lab instrumentation and provides a forum for the science that drives technology innovation. Here is a snapshot of this year’s show.

Spectroscopic Analysis of Microplastics in the Environment

An epidemic of plastics in the environment has necessitated a strategic set of moves and initiatives. Spectroscopic technologies are proving vital to analysis of natural reservoirs, consumer goods, and other areas of concern.

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) versus Raman Spectroscopy

Although FTIR and Raman spectroscopy are complementary, the techniques are based on distinct physical processes and measurements capabilities.

The Bruker Senterra II Raman Microscope: Reasons to Upgrade Infographic

The SENTERRA II is designed to deliver excellent sensitivity with high spectral resolution, rapid mapping/imaging, and fully automated OQ/PQ validation.

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