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GenTech Scientific: Cannabis Testing Lab Setup

For those planning to enter the cannabis testing business, a sound strategy and a reliable partner for instrumentation and expertise is essential.

Heidolph Mixers and Temperature-Controlled Shakers

Leading safety standards, superior ease of use, and reduced costs of ownership set the Heidolph family of mixers and shakers in a class of their own.

Products, Service, and Expertise in Cannabis Testing: Conquer Scientific

To succeed in the dynamic cannabis industry, labs must have a resource for testing procedures, instrument capabilities, and equipment questions in general.

The Artel PCS Pipetting Quality Management System

A complete in-house solution for ensuring pipette performance, standardized and dependable operator technique, and compliance.

PolyScience Circulating Baths: Reasons to Upgrade

Expanded temperature ranges and pump speeds, swivel displays, and highly intuitive user interfaces, make upgrading to the latest technology a clear choice.

High-Performance Syringe Pumps and Evolving Microdispensing and Manufacturing Applications

Modern microdispensing processes require low volumes of reagents, delivered with high accuracy and precision often under high temperature and pressure.

The VistaLab™ Ovation® Series Pipettes: Product Review Infographic

The Ovation was designed with an advanced ergonomics strategy – placing user comfort first – and coupling this with high-performance features and quality.

The Drummond Scientific Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller

Building off the momentum of the long line of Pipet-Aid innovations, ergonomics and performance updates bring new levels of reliance to this trusted brand.

The Bruker Alpha II FTIR Spectrometer: Reasons to Upgrade Infographic

The ALPHA II is a powerful upgrade with touch screen and OPUS/TOUCH Software, CenterGlow™ high emission IR-Source, and temperature stabilized DTGS detector.

The Bruker Senterra II Raman Microscope: Reasons to Upgrade Infographic

The SENTERRA II is designed to deliver excellent sensitivity with high spectral resolution, rapid mapping/imaging, and fully automated OQ/PQ validation.

High-Performance Syringe Pumps for High-Pressure Dosing and Chemical Manufacturing Applications

Syringe pumps with flexible and accurate flow rates, high-pressure temperature control, and programmable functions are ideal for many dosing applications.

Fast and Easy Cannabis Potency Testing Using an Entry Level Agilent 1260 Infinity LC

This Application Note details a fast and simple analytical approach for quantitation of 9 Cannabinoids of interest using an Agilent 1260 Infinity.

The Huber Unistat Line of Temperature Control Systems: Reasons to Upgrade Infographic

The new Unistat temperature control systems from Huber apply innovative technology and advanced performance features that allow unparalleled achievement.

Cannabis plant material preparation for efficient extraction operations with Fritsch Pulverisette 19

The Fritsch Pulverisette 19 quickly comminutes large volumes of cannabis plant material for precise and efficient extraction.

Testing Equipment and Solutions for Cannabis Analysis from GenTech Scientific

From a start-up perspective, quality refurbished instruments can maximize a lab’s budget, as the proper equipment can be obtained at a fraction of the cost.

Grinders and Mills for Cannabis Preparation and Extraction

The latest technologies provide compatibility with various subsequent extraction kits, making them a key fit for analytical labs, large and small.

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