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Technical Insight

Cannabis Research Enters a New Phase of Growth: Research Outlook

Cannabis research is approaching a differentiation and maturation phase – where public and private efforts are yielding substantial growth for the medicinal cannabis field.

Immunoreagents and Emerging Applications in High-Resolution Imaging and Microscopy

In addition to the proliferation of microplate imaging technologies, antibodies and immunoreagents have become invaluable in many advanced cell biological and physiological research areas -- such as high-resolution imaging and super-resolution microscopy.

Flow Cytometry: Principles, Applications, and New Instrument Technologies

Flow Cytometry is a quintessential method for cell characterization. Here we briefly review principles, applications, and a few new instrument platforms.

Chemical Process Development: The Role of Precision Syringe Pumps in Continuous Flow Systems

The continuous flow reactor development phase requires high performance syringe pumps to deliver precision volume, pressure, and temperature control.

Emerging Trends in Compact Mass Spectrometry

These technologies offer a glimpse of future directions in analytical chemistry, molecular medicine, and applications such as point-of-care diagnostics.

Emerging Mass Spectrometry Imaging Technologies

The pace of mass spec imaging technology innovation indicates a greater number of products and solutions will reach mainstream use in 2018 and beyond.

2018 Mass Spectrometry Emerging Technology Outlook

With the new year comes the promise of greater MS performance, more powerful analysis solutions, and a broader scope of interrogation than previously seen.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): Tips and Technologies

We review popular technologies and the equipment involved, briefly discussing important aspects to keep in mind when optimizing the technique.

Mass Spectrometry Technology and Product Development Snapshots

A new technology aims to simplify the challenge of MS ionization, while a new product streamlines the workflow from sample to protein characterization.

The Compact Mass Spec Field Continues to Expand

2017 saw the advent of several new compact mass spectrometry platforms and applications, demonstrating the continued versatility and power of this concept.

MALDI Imaging Reaches a Milestone

MALDI technology has reached the 30th anniversary milestone, and 2017 brought several new products to the areas of MALDI imaging and data solutions.

2017: A Decorated Year for Mass Spectrometry

As 2017 draws to a close, we review notable innovations and scientific accomplishments from the year, and make a few predictions for the year to come...

Versatile and Efficient Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscopes

Benchtop scanning electron microscopes address size efficiency without sacrificing features that make the technology powerful for many research applications.

Key Stages in Biomarker Identification and Validation

The road to biomarker validation is long and arduous, however modern solutions are paving the way for a greater range of entities with untold potential.

Therapeutic Discovery: Old Challenges and New MALDI-TOF Solutions

The area of high-performance MALDI-TOF MS has undergone leaps in technology making MALDI better able to produce actionable information from complex samples.

New Technologies in Metabolomics Research

The latest innovations maximize accuracy, resolution, and throughput without sacrificing depth, to handle complex and demanding metabolomics applications.

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