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Temperature Control

Coldtainer - Built to maintain critical product temps in the lab or on the road

Our mobile refrigerators are used around the world to safely transport critical pharmaceutical materials. Whether you need a blood transport cooler, a portable vaccine refrigerator, the cooled transport of biological samples, or a mobile, temperature-controlled, shipping unit for vaccines and medicines, we have you covered. Design and technical features meet all CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines.

Cold Chain Storage Solutions for the Lab, the Clinic, and the Road: Interactive Infographic Timeline

The Cold Chain: Storage Solutions for the Lab, the Clinic, and the Road interactive infographic is a living resource -- this post serves as a chronology of the infographic, tracking developments and citing sources in this vitally important product area.

HUBER High Precision Thermoregulation: Milestones and Innovations

Major milestones and innovations support Huber as a technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry.

Cold Storage Solutions for the Lab, the Clinic, and the Field

Innovative cold storage products support the biomedical work that is needed both in the current climate and for future applications. - such as storage and distribution of millions of vaccines.

DuraChill Portable Recirculating Chillers: Product Review Infographic

Focused on ease of operation, new innovative thinking and being environmentally conscious, DuraChill is the new leader for all others to follow.

Taking the Plunge into New Temperature Control Products and Solutions

The backdrop of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual conference provides a perfect opportunity to focus on exhibitors in attendance and explore new products spanning a range of important temperature control applications.

Stirling Engine Creates a New Class of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

The Stirling engine has eliminated the risks of using decades-old technology, delivering advances in reliability, stability, efficiency, sustainability and, above all, long-term sample safety and integrity.

The Cannabis Workflow and the Importance of Temperature Control

Creating the right systems to maximize the quality of temperature control plays a vital role in creating the most productive cannabis extraction workflow.

The TCAT-2 Animal Temperature Controllers from Physitemp: Product Review Infographic

The TCAT-2 Animal Temperature Controllers deliver precision performance and feedback to ensure the highest level of temperature accuracy

A Focus on Cold Storage and Temperature Control Products for the Modern Laboratory

Cold storage and temperature control devices must match the needs of the samples, offer security to ensure sample integrity, and provide long term reliability

Modern Laboratory Temperature Control Devices Merge Efficiency with Cost of Ownership

Warming baths and chillers serve a range of duties in the lab, and intended use, capacity, efficiency, and operational costs play major roles in choosing the right device.

Reasons to Upgrade your Ultra-Low Lab Freezer

This articles focuses on the benefits of upgrading to a new ultra-low lab freezer, with an interview with Andrew Dunn, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at ThermoFisher Scientific.

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