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vacuum pumps

Cleaning Tips for a Rotary Evaporator

Keep your rotovap spotless with these tips

Rotary Evaporator Safety

Rotovap safety to protect your samples, your time, and yourself

6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Rotary Evaporator

Important considerations when looking to buy a rotary evaporator for your lab

How to Set Up a Rotary Evaporator

The basics steps and hints to be aware of when you set up a rotovap

The Best Features That Every Rotary Evaporator Should Have

Look for the rotovap options available for your distillation, drying, and extraction needs

How to Achieve the Best Rotary Evaporation Results

Tips and tricks that every rotovap user can utilize

Cannabis Laboratory: Short-Term Challenges and Long-Term Growth for an Evolving Industry

2020 was shaping up to be a benchmark year for the maturing industry. Although no one could have predicted the current pandemic and ensuing economic challenges, the storm that currently clouds the industry may give way to brighter skies in the months to come.

2020 Pittcon: Showcase of Innovations in Research and Instrumentation

As a vital resource, this annual event focuses on the latest in lab instrumentation and provides a forum for the science that drives technology innovation. Here is a snapshot of this year’s show.

Optimize the Cannabis Extraction Process with VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Solutions: Product Review Infographic

VACUUBRAND offers automated variable speed pumps and fine vacuum control systems that are ideal for concentration and fractional distillation of cannabis extracts.

3 Equipment Trends that are Advancing the Modern “Smart” Laboratory Concept

Here we focus on essential equipment and take a look at 3 technology trends that are driving the evolution of the modern “smart” laboratory

The Vacuubrand PC3001 VARIO Select Vacuum Pump System: Reasons to Upgrade Infographic

The VACUUBRAND PC3001 VARIO select vacuum pump system incorporates – an intuitive touch-screen interface, adaptive vacuum control, and automated operating modes - making it an ideal upgrade from older technology.

The Rotovap: Fundamentals and Trends in Rotary Evaporator Technologies

Here we take a moment to cover the parts and operation of rotary evaporation systems, with a brief discussion of new product trends.

Laboratory Vacuum Pumps: Essential in everything from evaporation systems to high complexity analytical equipment

Vacuum pumps are important components in lab equipment ranging from evaporation systems to mass spectrometers. Technical aspects are discussed in this post.

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