LabX User Agreement

Document Name: LabX User Agreement
Document Date: October 9, 2001
Revision Date: January 30, 2009

LabX User Agreement

The following document defines the terms on which LabX offers service access and under no circumstances can these terms and conditions be altered without the written consent of a LabX authorized officer.

This agreement may be modified by LabX at any time without notice and it is the deemed responsibility of the users of LabX to check periodically for modifications.

1. Membership Eligibility
LabX offers its services only to individuals who are able to enter into legally binding contracts. LabX does not offer services to minors or to users who have been temporarily or permanently suspended from using LabX for any reason. Further, LabX may refuse services to individuals or entities which, at the sole discretion of LabX, have been determined to pose harm or detriment to the LabX website.

2. Fees and Services
LabX offers many services at no charge. These services include but are not limited to browsing, searching, registering, and bidding. A schedule of our services and fees may be found at LabX Fee Schedule. We reserve the right to modify our fee schedule at any time without advance notice. Notification of any charges to your account will be sent before they are incurred. All fees for LabX services are quoted in U. S. Dollars. Users are responsible for paying all fees and any applicable taxes incurred while using LabX services.

3. LabX is a Media and Classified Advertising Service and Does Not Take Any Title to Goods

4. Bidding and Buying
5. Listing and Selling
6. Solicitation And Interference
The LabX system encourages the open exchange of all types of industrial and scientific equipment, supplies, and other artifacts. Use of the LabX system to solicit against the interests of LabX and its users is prohibited. LabX users who solicit in the following ways will be liable for damages suffered by LabX:

7. LabX Wanted Ads
LabX is a forum dedicated to serving the needs of scientific, medical and test/measurement users all around the globe. In an effort to help users locate equipment which is obsolete or "hard to find," LabX has established this free service for this purpose. This service is limited for use as follows:

8. Personal Information
9. Access and Interference
It is agreed that there will be no use of any robot, spider, other communication device, or manual process to monitor or copy LabX web pages or the content contained herein without prior expressed written permission from LabX. It is agreed that use of any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the LabX site or any auction being conducted is prohibited. It is agreed that no action will be taken that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on LabX infrastructure. Much of the information on the LabX site is updated on a real-time basis. It is agreed that no user shall copy, reproduce, alter, modify, create derivative works, or publicly display any content from the LabX website without the prior expressed written permission of LabX or the appropriate third party.

10. Feedback
The LabX User Rating system has been implemented to assist users when evaluating potential trading partners. Currently, the LabX User Rating System allows only the declared winner of a LabAuction and the seller to rate each other and only if a transaction has been completed. In the event that a transaction has not been completed, it is forbidden to submit feedback about the transaction, and the incomplete transaction should be entered appropriately in the "Incomplete Transaction" area. The LabX User Rating System also allows each member to respond to any feedback submitted. It is agreed that by using the LabX User Rating System, no action will be taken which will undermine the integrity of the LabX User Rating System. LabX cannot moderate or verify any information that is submitted via the user rating system. Once a user has submitted feedback to LabX via the appropriate form, these remarks and ratings are permanent and will not be removed or modified by LabX except under very specific circumstances.

11. Non-compliance
In addition to other potential penalties, LabX may immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend, or terminate membership and refuse to provide services if: (a) there is a breach of this Agreement or the documents to which it refers; (b) LabX is unable to verify or authenticate any information provided; (c) LabX believes that a user's actions may cause legal liability.

12. Privacy
LabX understands that our buyers and sellers are central to our continued success. From time to time, we may use your information to send you e-mail and other communications about our LabX service or on behalf of third parties where it supports the activities of our users. When you provide information to this site, you will be given an opportunity to "opt out" of our sending you offers on behalf of third parties. In addition, each of these communications will include instructions for opting out of receiving future third party offers from us. You may also opt out of receiving third party offers from this Web Site at any time on the “My LabX” page of this Site or by sending us an e-mail. In rare instances, LabX may be compelled to provide information to law enforcement authorities in the event that illegal activity has occurred or is suspected to have occurred in connection with the website. To review our current privacy policy see: LabX Privacy Notice.

13. Additional Legal Information

14. Additional Terms
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