LabX is the easy way to buy and sell your scientific equipment. We can assist you in posting your items and contacting sellers.

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What is a LabAuction?

A LabAuction ad allows you the opportunity to sell your item to the highest bidder at the end of the time period allotted to the auction. This type of ad allows the current market conditions to set the price for the item you wish to sell - the more needed or desired the item, the higher the price you will receive.
LabAuction ads run from 3 to 21 days but must include at least one Sunday to be entered into the newsletter.

Your ad will appear in the category that you choose, under New Listings for seven days, under Tomorrow's LabAuctions on the day before it closes and under Today's Auctions on the day that it closes.

Note: There are no "hidden" reserve prices on LabX. The minimum bid that you specify must be the minimum you are willing to accept for the item.

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