LabX is the easy way to buy and sell your scientific equipment. We can assist you in posting your items and contacting sellers.

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Business Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Why Register?

Registration is free and will only take a few minutes to complete. The time taken will benefit you and your organization. Here are some of the reasons many people register daily at LabX:
  • To access a seller’s phone number (if provided) for time-sensitive inquiries.
  • To bid on auction items.
  • To place ads with the ability to edit and delete your ads. This includes the use of our Image Uploading Utility to submit photos with ads.
  • Access to our Mailing Lists: LabX News and The Service/Parts Mail List.
  • Classified advertising performance statistics.
  • Access to user rating information.
  • Use of bookmarks to flag interesting listings in LabX.
  • To respond to ‘Wanted’ and ‘Donation’ ads
What cost or obligation do I incur from registering?
You incur no cost or obligation by registering.

Who should register?
Anyone interested in bidding on items, placing an ad, making telephone or ‘Wanted’ ad inquiries on a posted ad or placing a For Sale item will be required to register.

What do you need to register?
You are required to provide a valid email address for verification.

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