How to Bid/Buy

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. This is the first step everyone must take before contacting sellers with questions or bidding on and purchasing items.

Bidding and Buying

There are three types of ads on LabX where you can buy equipment directly from sellers:

  • LabAuction ads have a variable price, and the selling price is determined by the auction results.
  • For Sale ads are similar to classified ads in a newspaper.
  • LabVista ads are the equivalent of For Sale ads, but these products are pulled from vendor websites around the web each week.

NOTE: LabX is a media service for the exchange of scientific equipment. We neither buy nor sell equipment, but rather provide a means for buyers and sellers to connect.

Please contact the seller directly if you have questions about the sale of an item.

Feel free to contact LabX for help using features of the website, or take a moment to visit our FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions.

To Bid on a LabAuction Item

Before bidding or contacting a seller, you must Sign in to

Contact the seller screen shot
Contact the seller of a LabAuction Item
to ask questions about the item.
  • Carefully read over the ad.
  • If you have any questions, contact the seller before placing a bid. The contact form is near the bottom of the ad. (see screen shot)
    • Your inquiry is emailed to the seller with your registration email address.
    • You will receive a copy of the inquiry for your records.

Placing your bid

The bid box screen shot
The Bid Box
  • In the Bid Box, place your bid in the form provided and click "send bid".
    • All bids are in US dollar amounts.
    • Online auction services are legally binding. For more information read the LabX User Agreement.

Proxy Bidding
To enable proxy bidding you must first agree to the proxy bidding terms by following the link below the bid form.

How Proxy Bidding works
When you place a proxy bid, the system will increment your bid to the next minimum bid amount whenever you are outbid. This process will continue until the next minimum bid amount is greater than the amount in your proxy.

Proxy Bidding Example:

  • The next minimum bid amount in an auction is $50.
  • You place a proxy bid of $200.
  • Your current bid will be $50.
  • Another LabX member attempts to outbid you by placing a single bid of $60.
    • Other LabX members can only see your current bid of $50.
  • Since the single bid amount is less than your proxy bid, your proxy bid will automatically place a bid for you equal to the next minimum bid amount.
  • The proxy bid continues to place bids for you until the next minimum bid amount is greater than the value of the proxy bid.
    • In this case it will not place a bid greater than $200.

In some cases, two LabX members may place equal proxy bid amounts. You can read more about what happens in the event of a tie.

Bid history and bid box screen shot
Bid History (left) and Bid Box (right)

Once the bid is placed, 'Your Bid' and the bid amount will appear in the top row of Bid History for as long as you are the high bidder.


  • In Bid History you can see the amount of each bid.
  • Use proxy bidding to bid your maximum. As others bid against you, the proxy bid will automatically increase your bid up to the maximum.
To Buy a For Sale or LabVista Item

To purchase a For Sale or LabVista item, you must contact the seller directly to make payment arrangements.

Contact the seller screen shot
Contact the seller of a For Sale
or LabVista ad to arrange payment.
  • You can find seller contact information located at the bottom of the ad.
  • Use the contact form to email the seller.
  • Look to see if a phone number has also been provided.

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