How to Sell

You are required to register before placing any ads. Registration is free.

Purchase Credits

A Credit is a form of currency used by LabX Members to run ads for items they are selling.

LabX does not charge any final value fees or commissions. Your up-front payment of credits for your ad is all that you ever pay on LabX. By using the credit system LabX Members have the ability to purchase ads in "bulk" and receive a quantity discount.

You can read the FAQs to find out more about how to purchase credits.

How to Run an Auction or Classified Ad on LabX
  • Gather all the information you need such as:
    • The item make/manufacturer
    • The item model if any
    • The age of the item
    • Pictures of the item
  • Find the right category for your item by browsing through All Categories.
  • Decide if you want to have an Buy Now/Auction Stop price on your item.
Screen shot of the form used to enter an ad
The Ad Entry Form
  • Click Run An Ad from the top menu bar.
  • From the list of ad types select the type you want to run.
  • Fill out the form and check the information entered.
  • You cannot edit the following fields after the form is submitted:
    • Minimum bid
    • Closing date
    • Closing time
    • Buy Now/Auction Stop price
  • Submit the form.
  • On the next page, you can upload up to 15 photos.
  • Edit your ad at any time while it is open by going to My LabX and clicking on View, Edit or Delete an existing listing.


  • Give your ad a boost by purchasing an ad highlight such as:
    • Category Highlight
    • Bold Highlight
    • Second Category
    • Newsletter Insert
  • There is no need to continually re-enter your terms and conditions. They are appended to your ad details when you enter your standard terms and conditions in the form provided.
  • To help you sell your ad, LabX has developed the following user guides: Write An Ad That Gets Results! and Making Your Ad Easier to Read. Check them out. Happy selling!
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