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Cambridge Scientific Products SpectraLab Scientific Inc.

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Category Main Category
Data Acquisition (401) Test/Measurement - General
Data Logger (50) Test/Measurement - General
Data Management (7) Software
Defibrillators (28) Medical - General
Densitometers (28) Biotech / Life Science
Dental Instruments (548) Medical - General
Deposition Equipment (131) Semiconductor
Desiccators (154) Lab Glassware
Desiccators (154) Lab Equipment
Diagnostic Instruments - Other (331) Diagnostic Instruments
Dicing Saws (38) Semiconductor
Dispersers / Emulsifiers (67) Process Equipment
Dissolution Testing (468) Lab Equipment
Dissolution Testing (468) Pharmaceutical Equipment
DNA Sequencers (253) Biotech / Life Science
DNA Synthesizers (43) Biotech / Life Science
Dopplers (4) Diagnostic Instruments
Ductless Fume Hoods (66) Fume Hoods Lab Enclosures