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Cambridge Scientific Products SpectraLab Scientific Inc.

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Category Main Category
Fatigue Testers (4) Materials Testing
Fermenters / Bioreactors (437) Biotech / Life Science
Fiber Optics (39) Test/Measurement - General
Fiber Optics (39) Optics/Photonics Equipment
Filling Machines (567) Packaging Equipment
Filtration Supplies (705) Lab Supplies
Flasks (519) Lab Glassware
Flow Cytometers (175) Biotech / Life Science
Flow Cytometry Antibodies (3) Antibodies / Reagents
Flow Injection Analyzers (45) Analytical Instruments
Flowmeters (83) Lab Equipment
Fluid Bed Dryers (308) Pharmaceutical Equipment
Fluid Warmers (1) Medical - General
Food Processing - Other (292) Process Equipment
Food Processing - Other (292) Food Processing Equipment
Forensic Lab Equipment (32) Lab Equipment
Form, Fill & Seal (208) Packaging Equipment
FPLC Systems (164) Analytical Instruments
Fraction Collectors (200) Lab Equipment
Frame Grabbers & Cameras (162) Biotech / Life Science
Frame Grabbers & Cameras (162) Image Analysis
Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers (198) Lab Equipment
Freezers / Fridges (2230) Lab Equipment
Fume Hoods (692) Fume Hoods Lab Enclosures
Function Generators (113) Test Generators
Funnels (183) Lab Glassware
Furnaces (497) Lab Equipment
Furniture (Laboratory) (1390) Lab Equipment
Furniture (Medical) (196) Medical - General