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Cambridge Scientific Products SpectraLab Scientific Inc.

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Category Main Category
Mass Spectrometer (1679) Analytical Instruments
Material Handling (995) Process Equipment
Material Testing - Other (57) Materials Testing
Medical Equipment - Other (14021) Medical - General
Medical Imaging - Other (284) Imaging Equipment
Medical Parts (3) Medical - General
Medical Supplies (3969) Medical - General
Melting Point Apparatus (135) Analytical Instruments
Metallurgical (698) Lab Equipment
Metalworking - Other (1465) Metalworking Equipment
Meters - Misc (486) Test/Measurement - General
Metrology and Inspection (834) Semiconductor
Microarray Scanners (33) Biotech / Life Science
Microcentrifuge (207) Centrifuges
Micromanipulators (1) Microscopes and Accessories
Microplate Dispensers (26) Microplate Equipment
Microplate Readers (737) Microplate Equipment
Microplate Washers / Handlers (397) Microplate Equipment
Microplate Wells (25) Lab Supplies
Microplate Wells (25) Microplate Equipment
Microscope (2157) Clinical Lab
Microscope (2157) Microscopes and Accessories
Microscope Accessories (6055) Microscopes and Accessories
Microtomes (243) Lab Equipment
Microtomes (243) Histology/Pathology
Microwave Digesters (89) Lab Equipment
Milling Machines (105) Metalworking Equipment
Mills / Grinders (296) Lab Equipment
Mixers (1411) Lab Equipment
Mobile Lab (3) Lab Equipment
Moisture Analyzers (87) Analytical Instruments
MRI (2) Imaging Equipment
Multimeters (164) Test/Measurement - General