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Cambridge Scientific Products SpectraLab Scientific Inc.

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Category Main Category
Radioactivity (13) Lab Equipment
Radiology (11) Imaging Equipment
Raman (31) Analytical Instruments
Reagents and Synthesis (39) Biotech / Life Science
Real-Time PCR (57) Biotech / Life Science
Refractometers (198) Analytical Instruments
Regulators (248) Lab Equipment
Resistance Welding (293) Metalworking Equipment
Respiratory Equipment (116) Medical - General
Reverse Osmosis Equipment (41) Water Treatment Equipment
RF / Microwave Test (13) Test/Measurement - General
RF Power Meters / Sensors (6) Test/Measurement - General
RNAi Technology (12) Biotech / Life Science
Robotics (166) Lab Equipment
Rockers / Rollers (313) Lab Equipment
Roller Compactors (19) Pharmaceutical Equipment