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Cambridge Scientific Products SpectraLab Scientific Inc.

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Category Main Category
Safety Equipment (102) Lab Equipment
Sample Preparation (159) Lab Equipment
Scales (532) Lab Equipment
Scintillation Counters (74) Biotech / Life Science
Scrap / Recycling (27) Process Equipment
Sealing (405) Packaging Equipment
Semiconductor - Other (1780) Semiconductor
Semiconductor Parts (225) Semiconductor
Semiconductor Test (84) Semiconductor
Shakers (1451) Lab Equipment
Sieves & Sieve Shakers (69) Lab Equipment
Signal Analyzers (110) Test Analyzers
Signal Generators (27) Test Generators
Slicers / Dicers / Cutters (1597) Food Processing Equipment
Slide Stainers (106) Histology/Pathology
Software - Other (50) Software
Solvent Extraction (4) Lab Equipment
Solvent Purification (2) Lab Equipment
Spectrophotometer (UV-Vis, Fluor) (963) Analytical Instruments
Spectrophotometer (UV-Vis, Fluor) (963) Optics/Photonics Equipment
Spectrum Analyzers (282) Test Analyzers
Spectrum Analyzers (282) Optics/Photonics Equipment
Stability Chambers (16) Lab Equipment
Stirrers (960) Lab Equipment
Supplies and Labware (2439) Lab Supplies
Surgical Instruments (2302) Surgical - General
Surgical Instruments - Other (2134) Surgical - General
Sweep Generators (1) Test Generators
Syringe Pumps (152) Lab Pumps