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State-of-the-art Infrared Microanalysis and the Analytical Laboratory

Webinar Date: Thursday, March 24th 2022, 11:00 AM EDT

There are many considerations in evaluating scientific instrumentation to ensure a successful integration into the modern analytical laboratory. The demands for high sample throughput continue to increase, while manpower limitations persist in many labs. Of course, the quality of the data analysis must be of the highest value to provide accurate identification of unknowns and the reliable qualification of components and products. Infrared spectroscopy based analytical instrumentation has found favor in the analytical lab for many years, due to its reliability in providing accurate results noninvasively. However, many labs now require validated solutions, to include microspectroscopic analysis.

A new infrared microscope has been introduced to greatly expand the capabilities of the analytical laboratory (Hyperion II, Bruker Scientific, LLC). Performance enhancements have resulted in much faster data collections than previously available allowing for large area imaging to be practical. One of the most important improvements is the novel use of quantum cascade lasers that are artifact free and can be reliably utilized. Business card size areas can now be rapidly imaged with a spatial resolution of five microns! Lastly, all data collected is fully validated and 21 CFR p.11 compliant. The system runs the fully integrated validation tests that can be readily optimized to be in line with your lab’s SOPs.