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Selling on LabX

The Marketplace for Scientists

Start selling to the decision-makers who shop on LabX!

LabX is the premier laboratory product marketplace where buyers and sellers connect every minute

Earn money and grow your business by selling your equipment on LabX.

Get your products and brand in front of our active audience to generate sales and leads.

Selling on LabX is easy and effective!

LabX offers the tools you need for running a successful online store.

  • Professional Online Stores
  • Flexible Fee Structures
  • Sell Products Instantly or with Request for Quotes
  • Manage Purchase Orders *Coming Soon
  • Message and Quote Center
  • Support from the LabX Team
  • Bulk Uploads of Inventory *Coming Soon
  • Sales Analytics *Coming Soon

People come to LabX when they are ready to purchase

200,000 Products all in one place

1.9 Million visitors per year

79% of LabX shoppers have Approved Budgets in Hand

90% of LabX Shoppers are Decision Makers

LabX eCommerce Platform for Instant Sales

The LabX marketplace allows buyers to add your products to their cart and purchase within a few clicks. Increase your online sales by selling your products to our active audience!

Create your own Professional Online Store

Funds are Deposited Directly to you

Secure Check Out






The LabX Quote System Generates Sales Leads

LabX makes it easy for people to contact you when they are interested in your products. The exchange of goods and funds happen independently from LabX.

User Finds Your Product on LabX

User Submits Request for Quote

Request and Contact Information Delivered Instantly to your Email

Buyer and Seller Agree on the Terms of the Sale


Don’t be a Lab Junk Rat

Nobody likes a messy lab. Follow the golden rule:

If you don’t use it, either fix it or sell it.

List your used equipment on LabX and start selling. LabX is the perfect place to earn money on your old equipment which you can put towards upgrades!

Sell your equipment:

Fix your equipment using qualified service providers

Upgrade your equipment to the latest models

Praise from LabX Sellers

Ready to sell? LabX is here to help

Have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to your pressing questions.

Our team is happy to assist you in all matters related to LabX. Please contact the Customer Experience team for help.

Interested in hearing how LabX can help you sell including marketing programs and special offers?

LabX makes it easy to sell your equipment!