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GBC XplorAA Series Atomic Absorption SpectrometerGBC XplorAA Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

GBC XplorAA Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Manufacturer: GBC Scientific Equipment
Model: XplorAA
Condition: New
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Seller InformationGBC Scientific Equipment

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Ad Details ID1662198

Listing Date23rd July, 2018
Last Updated7th July, 2021
GBC Scientific Equipment designs, manufactures and markets a range of scientific instruments comprising Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS), UV-Visible Spectrometers (UV-Vis), Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES), Inductively Coupled Plasma Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers (ICP-TOFMS), High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) and X-ray Diffractometers (XRD).
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Ad Details 1662198