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GS-Tek GsBP-PONA 50m x 0.20mm x 0.5um

GS-Tek GsBP-PONA 50m x 0.20mm x 0.5um

Manufacturer: GS-Tek
Model: 9002-PONA
Condition: New
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Listing Date11th September, 2020
Last Updated11th September, 2020
GS-Tek is a Delawarean manufacturer of chromatography columns and accessories. We provide worldwide analytical scientists with the innovative and quality products and tools they need from scientific fronting research including new materials and global warming, daily duties of environmental monitoring, safety test of foods and consumables, development of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, quality control of chemicals, petroleum and energy products, to law enforcement and defense activities including forensics, drugs, explosive fuels, gases, synthetic airs, chemical weapons, and others. We supply the widest ranges of chromatographic products, from columns and consumables, lab supplies, instrument spare parts to solution-based instrument analyzers, as a one-stop chromatography shop. We also provide services of chromatographic related separation research and development by collaborating with our customers.
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Seller LocationDelaware
Shipping PolicyProducts will be delivered F.O.B. Newark, DE U.S.A. Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground within the United States and Canada. For all other regions, the mailing service may vary. GS-Tek also honors requests for special shipping, such overnight shipping or the use of other carriers. The buyer is fully responsible for the shipping and handling fees, as well as all taxes. In the case of a damaged shipment, the receiving customer should follow the instructions below: For a visually damaged package shipment on arrival, the customer should not accept the shipment and should ask the deliverer to endorse the bill of lading with a description of the damages. For damaged unpacked shipment, the customer should save all packing materials including the carton at the receiving location. The customer should also immediately request the carrier for a package inspection. Also, the customer should immediately notify GS-Tek about the damaged shipment. GS-Tek will make any sales adjustments or provide the customer with the return policy information. Thecustomer will have to provide GS-Tek with the purchase order number (PO number), part number (P/N) and the quantity of damaged products.In case of returning damaged products to GS-Tek, the customer must return the damaged productsin the packing cartons along with copies of the bill of lading with the carrier’s damage statement, inspection report, and RAN.
Return PolicyIf the customer is not satisfied with GS-Tek’s product(s) within 30 days of receipt, the customer may return his or her purchase in its original condition for a full refund or credit. If the customer placed an order in error, they must return the good in a new and unused condition and may be charged a restocking fee. If GS-Tek ships the wrong products to the customer, the customer must contact GS-Tek and the correct products will be shipped within 10 days after the company’s receipt of the products. The customer is solely responsible for any fee associated with the return of a product, such as shipping and handling or any other fee. All products returned to GS-Tek are subject to approval and will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number (RAN). The customer’s RAN should appear on the return packaging slip. To get a RAN, please call 1-302-533-5646 or e-mail GS-Tek at The customer is required to provide information such as the model or part number, customer purchase order number, product description, quantity, and a short description of the product that they are returning. Products that need to be returned should be sent to the address above.

Ad Details 12689644