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(-)-Indolactam V

(-)-Indolactam V

Manufacturer: STEMCELL Technologies Inc.
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Condition: New
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Seller InformationSTEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Vancouver, Canada


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Vancouver, Canada

Listing Date27th May, 2022
Last Updated27th May, 2022
STEMCELL specializes in developing cell culture media, cell separation systems, instruments and other reagents for use in life sciences research across the basic to translational research continuum. Our products are designed and developed by highly trained, world class scientists to streamline research protocols, reduce experimental variability, and increase the accuracy of results. We develop our product lines to support entire experimental workflows, from cell isolation through characterization, expansion, differentiation, maintenance and storage, and are always looking for ways to further support our customers through training, knowledge and new products. STEMCELL’s Research and Development team often collaborates with academic partners to develop, produce and distribute products specific to a given research field.
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Seller LocationVancouver, Canada

Ad Details DIS-146984-72314