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New Quadro Comil - Sieving Screening DispersionNew Quadro Comil - Sieving Screening Dispersion

New Quadro Comil - Sieving Screening Dispersion

Manufacturer: Quadro
Model:  Various
Condition: New
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Seller InformationQuadro

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Listing Date23rd July, 2018
Last Updated24th August, 2018
Quadro's recognized leadership in specialized process equipment was launched by a single idea that has stood the test of time. The four founders of Quadro originated the concept of the conical mill or "Comil", and in 1976, were the first to bring it to market. A revolutionary idea at the time, the conical mill has proven to be one of the industry's most durable and most imitated advances in size reduction technology.
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Ad Details 372714