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EPIX - PCIe x4
  • Make: EPIX
  • Model: PCIe x4
  • Condition: New
  • Type: As Shown
  • Price: $1495 Availability: In Stock
  • Description: PCIe x4 Frame Grabber for High Resolution, High Quality, Analog Video The PIXCI® A310 video frame grabber acquires images from monochrome or c ... Read More
Company's Information
EPIX, Inc.
LabX Member since April 2007.
In business since 1983.
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EPIX designs and manufactures computer hardware, software, and printed circuit boards to convert, manipulate, and store images and graphics. Join the camera manufacturers, radiologists, astronomers, biologists, machine vision, quality control, and other engineers, who rely upon EPIX imaging solutions.
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Contact Name: EPIX, Inc. Location: Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
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