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Safe, easy-to-use BVC Control G Fluid Aspiration System

Safe, easy-to-use BVC Control G Fluid Aspiration System

Manufacturer: VACUUBRAND
Model: BVC Control G - 20727300
Condition: New
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Essex,Connecticut,United States

Listing Date26th November, 2019
Last Updated3rd November, 2020
VACUUBRAND has been an innovative expert in vacuum for science for over 50 years. We are focused on supporting our customers who work in or design science labs with strong, reliable vacuum pumps; intuitive, easy-to-use gauges and controls; and high-performance, sustainable VACUU·LAN® lab vacuum networks. Our whisper-quiet pumps deliver reliable, low-maintenance vacuum designed to hold up to corrosive chemicals used in modern labs. Our VACUU·SELECT® controllers provide application-based control at the touch of a button. Contact our team of experts in vacuum for science so we can help you!
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Ad Details 11891781