Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) is the nation's leading provider of integrated clinical programs for sub-acute and long-term care rehabilitation providers. ACP's specialized treatment programs combine innovative medical technology with evidence-based clinical protocols and advanced therapist training. Developed over a 15 year period, the programs help skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, outpatient clinics and other rehabilitation providers raise standards of care, improve treatment outcomes and enhance quality-of-life for aging adults and others in the community. ACP's specialized treatment programs and patented therapeutic modalities are used in thousands of facilities throughout the U.S., including the most recognized long-term care providers in the industry. In conjunction with these partnering facilities, ACP's vision is to "Revolutionize Rehabilitation."     ACP's specialized treatment programs are implemented "on-site" with the partnering facility's therapy and nursing staff, in conjunction with ACP's licensed clinicians. The non-invasive, medication-free programs address a wide range of prevalent conditions including pain, inflammation, neuromuscular re-education, stroke recovery, contractures, urinary incontinence, wounds, joint replacement recovery, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, herpes zoster and fall prevention. By introducing these treatment options, therapists, are able to improve treatment outcomes for a broader range of patients and more medically complex conditions.

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