[b]Your expert in vacuum technology and leak detection[/b]    Alcatel Vacuum Technology is an acknowledged world leader in vacuum solutions. Forty years of experience developing innovative products for the semiconductor, instrumentation, R&D and industrial markets have led Alcatel Vacuum Technology to become the fastest growing company in the vacuum industry (17% growth for 2006).    The Alcatel Vacuum Technology product-range includes vacuum pumps, leak detectors, vacuum gauges, plasma sensors, valves, flanges and fitting. Developed and manufactured in Annecy, France, these innovative solutions renowned for their unique expertise carry the Adixen brand-name as a guarantee of high performances and cost-effectiveness.    Today, the company is one of the leaders in vacuum solutions to the semiconductor industry thanks to the high value of its Adixen dry pumps, Maglev turbo pumps and helium leak detectors. Renowned for its expertise in rotary van pumps and hybrid turbo-molecular pumps, Alcatel Vacuum Technology has also developed a complete series of hybrid turbo-pumps and small dry pumps for the R&D and industrial markets.    Alcatel Vacuum Technology has a track record for creating superior products designed to meet its customers’ specific challenges. Due to the company’s dedicated R&D department, which works closely with both customers' and Alcatel Vacuum’s own production facilities, the company has often been first to market with technology that both meets and exceeds customer expectations.    Alcatel Vacuum Technology offers a wide range of Adixen products to the Instrumentation, R&D and other industrial markets: small dry pumps to avoid any particle contamination, hybrid turbo-molecular pumps with very high compression ratio, magnetically levitated turbo-molecular pumps for operating without any maintenance, vacuum gauges to quantify pressure from atmosphere down to 10-10 mbar, vacuum pumping packages bringing turn-key solutions, moisture monitoring to control freeze-drying processes...    Leak detection: Regardless of the size of leaks to be detected (from micro leaks to water leaks), there is a solution available at Alcatel Vacuum Technology.       For any Vacuum or Leak detection application, Alcatel Vacuum Technology has the best Adixen products and solutions.

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