ATS RheoSystems

[b]ATS RheoSystems, A Division of Cannon Instrument Company[/b]    ATS RheoSystems is a comprehensive instrumentation and technical support company specializing in rheometer and viscometer design, research level rheometers and rheology, capillary rheometers, rheological consulting, viscometers and viscosity measurements, real-time light and thermal cure profiling, low and high pressure rheology measurements, dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) for asphalt testing according to AASHTO T315-05, dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA), and materials characterization instrumentation. We address the needs of the serious rheologist, and maximize the utility, uptime, and return on your instrumentation investment.      ATS RheoSystems also provides rheological consulting, application training, contract testing, and third party technical service and support. Our Vocation is Strictly Rheology!

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