Azzota Corporation

Azzota Corporation (Abbota Corp.) is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and medical instruments based in New Jersey, United States. We have a full network of distributors throughout the world.

Azzota Corporation and its employees are committed to company values in customer service, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, accuracy, trustworthiness and integrity.

Sold worldwide under the trade name Azzota® , the Azzota Corporation provides
Affordable, Reliable Lab Solutions for many industries, including some of the following:

  • Medical chemistry
  • Food processing
  • Hospital and research
  • DNA testing
  • Labs for environmental, quality control, biochemistry, water analysis, pharmaceutical, agriculture and petrochemical

Azzota Corporation is committed to the production and delivery of quality products and customer service, and to meet all customer requirements including on-time delivery, and pledge our employees' commitment to this quality policy.

The research and development team of Azzota corporation has a strong background in fundamental sciences such as chemistry, physics, and mechanics. Our senior PhD engineers have international experience acquired in the US. Every day they bring new ideas and solutions for the benefit of the laboratory community.

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