Eppendorf had co-owned Brinkmann with Metrohm in the mid-1990s before buying out Metrohm's share. In 2005, Eppendorf sold Brinkmann Instruments to Metrohm. In 2006 Brinkmann became a wholly owned subsidiary of [url=]Metrohm[/url].    Until recently Brinkmann Instruments represented Metrohm, for both instrument sales as well as support services, in the U.S. Through Brinkmann, the company always kept a keen eye on U.S. customer needs—and monitored how those needs, and applications, have changed over time.    Product updates and software upgrades have always been in direct response to information gleaned from the labs Brinkmann visited on Metrohm's behalf. They did such a great job of it that, over time, Metrohm purchased the Brinkmann business.    [b][u]Brinkmann Canada[/u][/b]  [b]Providing systems solutions like no one else can.[/b]    For over 60 years Brinkmann employees and partners have shared a unity in spirit to be the most responsive organization serving the Canadian scientific community. We enjoy a synergistic relationship with world-renown manufacturers such as Metrohm®, Heidolph®, Lauda®, Eco Chemie, Tuttnauer, and Radleys Discovery Technologies. Premier manufacturers from around the world choose Brinkmann to represent their products because of the unmatched service and support that we offer with each product. We essentially stand in for them in this marketplace, providing the same level of support they would themselves.    These synergistic partnerships allow us to give you access to a broad selection of products, services, and comprehensive, world-class systems of the highest quality. Our products are used in all types of laboratories for a wide range of applications—ion analysis, chemical/petrochemical analysis, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical R&D, QA/QC, electrochemistry, among others.    Brinkmann products are distinguished by innovative design, durability, reliability, and value. You can benefit even more from our excellent stand-alone products by using them together as a system; in so doing, you can be assured of accuracy, consistency and, most importantly, reliability in your results.

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