Caron Products and Services

Caron Products & Services, Inc. has provided high quality temperature control solutions to a variety of markets since 1985. The Caron standard product line includes: [list] [*] Environmental Test Chambers for temperature and relative humidity exposure testing per ICH Guidelines Q1A. [*] Photostability Chambers that are designed to perform in accordance with ICH Q1B Guidelines, Option 2. [*] Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators that were designed for more demanding applications than the typical economy models. [*] Reach-in CO2 Incubators for small to large scale, high volume cell culture. [*] Insect Growth Chamber that provides a unique high volume solution for a wide variety of entomological studies. [*] Fingerprint Development Chamber to accelerate the DFO and Ninhydrin development process. [*] Bath/Circulator for precise temperature control of laboratory devices. [/list]

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