Cresset was formed in 2002 using the basic research of our founder Dr Andy Vinter to introduce a new virtual screening technology. Over the last decade our technology has been widely adopted throughout the drug discovery and agrochemical industries. At the same time our product suite has grown to encompass desktop and enterprise level solutions. Currently our customers include many of the top 20 pharamaceutical companies, large and small biotechs across the USA, Europe and Japan, agrochemical companies as well as top academics. Our technology is based on the scientific developments of XEDs and fields made by Dr Andy Vinter whilst at Cambridge University and working as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. We continue to improve on Andy’s foundations, improving the accuracy and application of our technology to give industry leading software and services. Cresset’s in-house expertise encompasses medicinal, synthetic, combinatorial, and physical chemistry combined with in-depth computational skills in molecular modelling, QSAR and programming. We are located at BioPark Hertfordshire in Welwyn Garden City, UK, just north of London and close to London’s Luton and Stansted airports. Our products have traditionally focused on applications of our core technology to solve key problems faced by Computational Chemists, such as ligand based virtual screening (blazeV10), bioisostere identification (sparkV10), bioactive conformation determination (forgeV10) and ligand alignment (torchV10). However, our field technology has been adopted in a wide range of markets involved in all aspects of molecule discovery and design.

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