Dynamic Devices

Founded in the fall of 1999 as a result of the aggregation of engineers formerly from other integration & laboratory automation companies, Dynamic Devices combines diverse expertise with a long synergetic history, resulting in one of the most efficient and effective groups within the laboratory robotics field. Our focus is to work directly with industry scientists to customize automation equipment to their unique and precise research needs. With expertise in liquid handling robotic platforms combining electronics, software, and mechanical design, Dynamic Devices focuses on pioneering innovative solutions and personal services to the life science industry. The company’s long history and combined experience in integration and integration services grants Dynamic Devices a unique insight into all aspects of the evolution of lab automation—from introducing the first commercial fully automated micro plate based screening system to the company’s non-gripper µHTS conveyor-based platform. Dynamic Devices designs each automated liquid handling robot system around a specific defined customer application(s), but the open environment of the system and the associated training provides the end user with a powerful and flexible automation tool upon which to expand. The automated system is typically delivered to the customer site fully integrated for the defined assay protocols, where an operator with minimal training can operate the system and define, and perhaps schedule & execute new applications. Dynamic Devices remains a true independent integrator with no bias to a particular instrument manufacturer. This allows us to truly apply the best instrumentation available for the specific application, as well as integrate existing devices or new technology, guaranteeing your investment into the future. Our extensive experience providing similar articulated automated systems for over 10 years allows us to provide systems that are built with components of proven performance and reliability.

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