ELITech Group

The ELITech Group, a privately held group of companies and worldwide manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents has become a major player in the international medical market. The ELITech Group has brought together IVD specialty companies to provide the best offering of innovative, unique and also routine products to laboratories operating closer to the patient. It comprises: [list] [*] Vital Scientific and Seppim which manufacture a full range of clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents; [*] ELITech Microbio (former International Microbio and SERFIB) which manufactures microbiology and immunology kits; Wescor which manufactures unique laboratory instruments such as strainers and sweat test devices [*] inoDiag which manufactures a unique multiplex serology device [*] Nanogen Advanced Diagnostics which manufactures leading edge technology molecular biology kits [*] Epoch Biosciences which manufactures innovative real-time PCR detection reagents. [/list] Through direct sales in Europe and North America and distribution capabilities in over 100 countries, the ELITech Group offers clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology and molecular biology products from its own facilities as well as complementary third-party products.

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