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[b]In November of 2007, Digilab acquired Genomic Solutions[/b] Digilab has a rich history of technology and applications market leadership in spectrometry and photonics spanning over the past 40 years. Digilab was formed and was a pioneer in Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy. In the mid-1970's Digilab was sold to Bio-Rad Laboratories. In 2001, shortly after his retirement as President & CEO from Olympus America, Sidney Braginsky purchased Bio-Rad’s Molecular Spectroscopy Division and through his transaction all of the Digilab FTIR assets. Mr. Braginsky re-launched this business as Digilab LLC, leveraging this well appreciated global brand. Building upon Digilab's global brand loyalty, innovative products and customer service reputation, the company focused on advanced systems and solutions in the high growth life sciences research markets. Specifically, Digilab developed hardware and software features into its FTIR Focal Plane Array (FPA) Platform more than doubling placements of this solution. Additionally, Digilab's vision to be "Spectroscopy's Leading Light" led to strategic partnerships and investments designed to offer customers a broad range of molecular spectroscopy alternatives beyond FTIR, e.g. UV/Vis, NIR, and Raman. Importantly, a strategic partnership with Hitachi, providing exclusivity for the sale and servicing of Hitachi’s entire molecular spectroscopy product line in both Europe and North America, took Digilab’s installed instrument base from 5000 units to over 15,000 units. In September of 2004, Digilab sold its product assets to Varian Inc., Digilab, Inc invested the proceeds of this transaction in a business model focused principally on life science research tools and downstream point of need clinical, safety and security applications. In June of 2006, Digilab acquired SpectraCode Inc. in West Lafayette, Indiana. This acquisition provides Digilab core competence and products in high growth applications which require the versatility and ease of use of Raman Molecular Spectroscopy. In November of 2007, Digilab acquired Genomic Solutions (which included Gene Machines, Cartesian, and BioRobotics) and MAIA Scientific. These acquisitions broaden Digilab’s global footprint in both the Life Sciences Research pre-analytics market and its commitment to provide downstream systems and solutions which will have broad application in clinical diagnostics. Digilab, via a series of acquisitions and partnerships, is implementing this business model. Its vision and strategy is retention/expansion of market awareness as a company with unique and high value products for principally the health sciences markets.

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