GlobePharma was established in 1993 with the introduction of a unit-dose sampler for powders. Since then, they have introduced a variety of unit-dose as well as bulk samplers for powders, liquids and semi-solids, remote swabbing and microbiological sampling tools, cleaning validation coupons, POWDEREX™ apparatus for accelerated segregation testing of powders/powder blends, determination of powder flow rate and uniformity and determination of particle size, R&D and pilot scale blenders with interchangeable V-shells as well as bins with high-speed intensifier bars, cGMP butterfly valves, manual tablet compaction machine, table-top rotary tablet presses, tablet press instrumentation package, tablet de-duster, table-top automatic capsule filling machine, capsule polisher, empty capsule eliminator, tap density tester, tablet disintegration apparatus, tablet friability tester, cone-mill, etc.

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