InnovaPrep LLC was formed in 2009 to commercialize a new concentration and sample preparation technology developed at AlburtyLab, Inc. in collaboration with Page Applied Research LLC. The technology was developed by a team of veteran aerosol research scientists in response to the recognized need for a macro-to-micro interface between large sample volumes and advanced detectors which require ultra low volumes. The InnovaPrep technologies, in concert with the latest detection technologies, can find threats at previously undetectable levels. InnovaPrep is manufacturing benchtop concentrators and is seeking partners for integration of the technology into various detection platforms. The novel elution method originally developed for the flagship HSC-40 liquid-to-liquid concentrator is being applied to additional technologies for capture of particles and large molecules from surfaces and for elution from filters and other sampling devices. These new technologies provide rapid and efficient transfer of particles and large molecules from air , flat surfaces or objects into a small volume of liquid. The InnovaPrep technology was first developed for integration into advanced biodefense and biodetection systems, but it has application with any identifier, detector or detection method where increased sensitivity is needed. Fields of application include, but are not limited to, food, drug and water safety; medical and veterinary diagnostics; and industrial and environmental monitoring.

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